gently lifting traumatic feelings

The 3 Step process is a simple, safe tool to help you in recovering from emotional or mental trauma following a birth (or any experience), which has left you struggling with negative thoughts, emotions or physical reactions (raised heartbeat, sweats etc. linked to your recollections). 


Some of the benefits that clients report include feeling dramatic improvements with more positive thoughts, better sleep, the ability to talk about their experience (when they couldn’t before).


The process begins with deep relaxation, so that you are able to access and process your memories of events in a safe, secure space and at your own pace.    


You remain fully in control at all times, and can pause or stop at any time without issue.   Whether you choose to share your story and talk things through or keep it private and go through the process without talking about specifics, its equally effective (although discussions tend to take longer, hence the variation in time).


It is safe to undertake at any time and we support pregnant mamas who wish to address their feelings around any previous births in preparation for the next.   


We are also keen to support you to follow up with your caregivers for a review of your care, or to approach making a complaint, if that feels like the right thing for you to do in order to find resolution to that part of your experience.    We will offer you an information sheet highlighting both self-love and self-care tips, and also outlining the various routes by which you can contact the appropriate person or body.   It’s often really valuable to follow up on these formal avenues alongside doing the internal work of undergoing the process, and we offer this as a value-add on with love & for free.    

​3 Sessions each 60-90 minutes long

1-3 weeks apart



Travel to provide these sessions outside of 5 mile radius from our postcodes would incur an additional travel charge

Please contact Jay or Tortie for a no-obligation chat

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