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Our Approach


We are committed to supporting a woman and her family before, during and after the birth of her baby. We are also committed to supporting each other as doulas, providing practical and emotional support to each other, as well as the women we care for. It is our shared values in caring for women that enable us to work so closely as professionals. Whilst you may find when meeting our doulas that there is a naturally good 'fit' with one person, you can feel reassured that the collective shares a core approach to supporting birth which you can rely upon should another Bristol Birth Support Doula need attend your birth.


How We Work Collectively


Typically, you will have a primary doula who will meet you ante-natally, post-natally and be present for the duration of your labour and birth. In this case, the collective operates a back-up system to ensure you are supported in the unlikely event that your primary doula is unable to attend your birth (for example due to illness or family circumstances). If you are keen to meet the other doulas in the collective, this can be arranged at a mutually convenient time, at no additional cost.


During busy periods or peak family holiday times you may be supported under the shared care model. In this instance, you would have the support of two doulas. They would both meet you ante-natally, and the on-call period would be shared between them. The specific details of this care package would be discussed with you, and arrangements would be made to ensure you had the reassurance and support of both doulas.



Postnatal Support


Hypnobirthing courses

postnatal pilates


Postnatal Massage

3 Step Rewind

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