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Birth pool hire

Why use a pool?

Using a pool for your labour and birth can provide great comfort:


Bouyancy: Being in water offers relief to tired muscles as the water supports your body.

Mobility: Moving around supported in this way enables women to change between labouring positons with ease.

Privacy: The pool creates a space for you where your body is partly hidden. The pool edge creates a subtle boundary, meaning women can labour with a reduced sense of being exposed/observed.

Relaxation: The soothing and calming nature of warm water helps to aid relaxation.

Gentle birth: Your baby will be born into a warm wet environment much like the womb, before coming up to meet the air and take a first breath.




If you are looking for the use of a pool at home, but don't want the expense and hassle of buying a pool and all the accessories, hiring could be the answer for you! This hire pack includes a professional quality 'Birth pool in a box' and all you need to set it up and maintain it for use. By hiring, you save over 50% of the cost of buying a pool and the accessories included in this hire pack. The professional quality pool is heavy duty and is guaranteed for up to 40 births, whereas most domestic birth pools available to buy are guaranteed for one birth only - so you are doing your bit for the planet by hiring as well!

A standard hire period is 4 weeks (usually 2 weeks either side of your estimated due date) though this can be discussed, depending upon availabilty, and it is up to you how you arrange the hire period to suit your dates. Depending upon other bookings, the precise length of the hire period can be flexible, and you can extend the hire period for a weekly fee. You can choose whether to collect the pool yourself, or take advantage of local delivery/collection.




Birth pool and accessories hire


Delivery or/and collection within 5 miles of BS2 9YP

Extra week hire

Tens Machine hire (4 weeks)

Pills & Pool (save £20)

Birthpool hire + Placenta Encapsulation





Professional quality inflatable birth pool (with integrated inflatable seat)

Single use pool liner

Single use non toxic hose for filling and emptying the pool (5m or 10m available)

Fitted pool cover to help maintain pool temperature when not in use

2 different tap adapters

Large plastic sheeting to be used under the pool

Stool for entering/exiting pool (for use outide of the pool)

Electric air pump (for inflating and deflating the pool)

Electric water pump for emptying the pool

Power surge protection adapter for use with pumps

Flexi-bucket for bailing water from the pool

Single use sieve for removing debris from the water

Emergency heavy duty repair tape

Water Thermometer

Full instructions for birth pool and pumps

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& Booking


If you are interested in hiring a pool and would like to find out if one is available for your birth month, please fill in the enquiry form here. If you have any questions you can include them in this enquiry form, or contact Tortie on 07796121530.

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