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We had been working individually as doulas for several years before coming together as a collective. We all had a sense that there had to be a better way of working to support ourselves in what can, at times, be very challenging and sometimes lonely work. Over regular meetings together, we realised that we shared similar ideas about how we want to support women. Through this process, it became apparent that a more formalised way of working would provide valuable support to us, as well as our clients.

By forming a collective we benefit from a space where we support each other, but also challenge each other to continue to improve and develop, both personally and professionally. Not only has our need for professional peer support been met, but we've developed a close bond of friendship as well.

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Working as a collective enables us to support women and their growing families whilst being present for our own. It also ensures that the women we work with are supported in the event of unforeseen circumstances (e.g. illness.)


Being able to call on another doula we know and trust to take a shift in the event of a long labour reassures our clients that no matter the length of their labour, they have a clear-headed, well-rested doula to support them through their most important transition into motherhood.


Understanding that birth is unpredictable and the hours are potentially very long, we believe that this model of support, and sometimes shared care, promotes the health and sustainability of our doulas as well as offering the families we support a wider breadth of experience and resources.


We trained with Relaxed Birth & Parenting and Birth Bliss Academy. We are also members of Doula UK, and abide by their code of conduct. We undertake ongoing CPD training to enhance our skills. We are insured in our work.

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