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We each offer initial free, no obligation meetings, to discuss how we work and for you to get to know us a little. This is usually about 30-40 minutes, and will arranged at a location to suit all. This may be at a cafe, or might be at your home. This is a chance for you to ask any questions you might have about doula support, or ask anything you want to know about us individually, and it is an opportunity

Following this introduction, if you wish to book us to support your birth, we would exchange a contract, the deposit is paid, and we would then arrange to meet again before the on call period begins for birth preparation sessions.

Antenatal meetings


We will meet twice before your due date, each time for 1-2 hours.

These sessions will be tailored to suit you, depending upon the

kind of preparation that would be the most helpful.

During these meetings we may:

  • Talk about birth preferences.

  • Look at stages of labour and birth hormones.

  • Discuss previous birth experiences, or those of others, and how these experiences may influence your approach to this labour/birth.

  • Explore your natural coping-mechanisms and how your partner and your doula can support you with these in your birthing.

  • Explore any fears surrounding birth and parenting.

  • Look at positions, physical support and massage for labour.

  • Practice relaxation and breath-work.

  • Consider how you might want to manage the period after your baby has arrived, and the kind of support you may need from friends and family.

  • Talk about how you want to feed your baby, and look at how to prepare for that.

Outside of the on call period, you may contact your doula by phone

(9am-9pm) or by text/email should you have any questions or concerns.



Your doula will go on call for you from 38 weeks until your baby is born. In the later stages of pregnancy as you near birth, keeping up good contact with your doula can help her to know what you are needing as your pregnancy merges into labour. Once labour has started, you or your partner will let your doula know so that she may ready herself and be available to come to you as soon as you need her. During labour your doula can:

  • Support your preferences and ensure that others caring for you are aware of them too.

  • Offer suggestions for coping with labour.

  • Help with practical aspects of labour (maintaining birth pool, making snacks, phone calls etc)

  • Provide a familiar and reassuring presence no matter where you labour.


After the birth of your baby your doula will support bonding, and help to ensure that the environment for meeting your baby is as you want it to be. Your doula is there to support you all in the event that you or your baby require any kind of medical attention after birth. Once you are comfortably settled- perhaps after something to eat, a bath, and your baby has fed, your doula will leave you in peace to rest and enjoy family time together. This is usually 2-3 hours after the birth of your baby, depending on circumstances.

Postnatal VISITS


We offer 2 postantal visits, each 1 - 1.5  hrs. The first visit is often within the first few days, and the second visit will be within the first 6 weeks. The way that these visits are structured depends upon your needs at the time. During postantal visits we can:

  • Debrief your birth with you

  • Support you in caring for your baby

  • Help with your recovery

  • Offer breastfeeding support

  • Undertake light housework


Are you having more than one baby? We can support you all the way, with experience of supporting multiples pregnancies, births and helping families settle in with more than one baby. We will ensure you have all the support you need to birth and care for your babies however you choose to.

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