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Pilates: Enjoy pilates-based exercises to improve core control, strength and awareness, whilst increasing flexibility, stability and improve postural alignment.

Core Strength: Core exercises to gently build strength to your deep supportive abdominal muscles, which will help to relieve any back problems and deepen your awareness of postural alignment in your everyday activities.

Flexibility/Stability: Pilates elongates
and strengthens muscles, improving elasticity, joint mobility and stability.

A body with balanced strength and flexibility is less likely to be injured.

Breathing: Working with lateral breathing throughout exercises rejuvenates the body, and will also oxygenate the blood and increase circulation. Breathing fully helps to centre us, reduce stress and calm the mind.

Friendship & Support: Meet other mums in a safe, friendly and open
space to share your early parenting experiences.

Daytime and Evenings


Small group and one to one sessions are available by arrangement. These can be held at home, or a local venue.


For further information and booking, contact Rebecca on 07740 407656 or fill in the enquiry form.


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